Building Exterior and landscape

The barn was converted in 1997 and the house had its most recent renovation in 2014. Tradesmen were locally sourced and materials were re-used, up-cycled where possible.

Stephenson House is set in 6 acres of ancient woodland and wetland meadows which is a haven for wildlife; roe deer, foxes. One guest was lucky enough to see the badger that resides just up from the house on Burlees Lane.  Our ponds are full of frogs, toads and newts, which in turn attracts herons and ducks.

An abundance bird species can also be observed from Stephenson House  including pheasants, tawny owls, peregrine falcons, jays, little owls, buzzards and many more.  We provide a variety of bird books and binoculars. Try to spot them!

Energy and Water Use.

The renovation of the house, included the installation of a new, ‘A’ rated oil system boiler, with oil sourced from local “Craggs Energy”..

A 4 kilowatt bank of photo voltaic panels, capturing solar rays, supplements the electric supply to the whole property. Any additional electricity produced is fed back into the national grid.

The boiler &  photo voltaic solar system provides all the domestic hot water and heating requirements.

The new domestic appliances have been sourced which carry an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency.

Within the control room are provision to isolate and shut off different elements of the system, like electricity, hot water etc. allows the usage to be measured. We turn off the heating and hot water when the property is empty.

Restrictors and thermostats control the flow and temperature of the water system.


A temperature sensor is located in the main living area/barn. There are thermostats on every radiator throughout the house, so the temperature can be controlled manually via the radiators in each room.

If you feel either too warm or too cold, we ask that you let us know and we will adjust the temperature settings for you.

In order to minimise heat loss, all windows are double glazed and all doors draught proofed.

The wood supplied in our complimentary starter pack for the wood burners, is sourced from our own woodlands. Please note any additional wood required will need to be seasoned wood, suitable for wood burners ideally from a sustainable source.

We also have self-starting thermos fans (non-electric), on both wood burners.  These help to better distribute heat evenly throughout the room.


Our water comes from our own natural spring water supply, which has a three filter/high pressure pump system and ultraviolet light purification.

Stephenson House is connected to it’s own septic tank, rather than mains sewage. We regularly monitor the septic tank and use environmentally friendly enzymes, to aid natural decomposition.

We request that only toilet paper gets flushed down the toilet and to use the bins provided for all other products.


Energy saving light bulbs are fitted throughout the house, both internally and externally.


We are advocates of the traditional cleaning products, such as bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon juice.

Where feasible we use environmentally friendly cleaning products.


We do most of our own laundry.

Guests are encouraged to only put used towels and linen out for laundering

Homemade and locally sourced produce

We provide home cooked products in your welcome basket. Where possible the main ingredients are sourced from fruits that are grown in our garden or found in the woods and surrounding areas at Stephenson House. We source additional products from the local shops.

We minimise the use of packaging.

Soft Furnishings

A large number of curtains and upholstery are all handmade by ourselves.

Minimising Car Use

Details of walking and cycling routes are provided at Stephenson House.

Please find various bus and train timetables in the information file in the barn.

Responsible Visitor Charter

How you can help us achieve our sustainability goals in attempting to reduce your impact on the environment?

Heating : Please do not leave external doors and windows open. Apart from heat loss, we have some bats that would be very interested in coming to visit you!

Electrical Appliances : Please turn off electrical appliances when not in use to conserve energy.

Bathing : Of course it is entirely your choice, but we encourage you to use water responsibly and have a shower rather than a bath, during your stay.

Dishwasher : We have provided sufficient crockery and cutlery to allow you to wait until the dishwasher is full before putting it through a cycle. This will help us to conserve water and energy.

Laundering : We try to reduce the amount of washing we do by asking you to put dirty towels on the bathroom floor for laundering. Please leave all clean towels ‘in situ’ for re-use. This applies to kitchen tea towels and hand towels also.

Lighting : Please be aware that when initially switched these bulbs need a minute to reach their full output. Please turn off lights when not in use.

Recycling :Recycling facilities are provided within Stephenson House. Food recycling bags are to be found in the sink unit. Further recycling bags can be found in the bin store in the front garden.

A list of recycling guidelines and waste collection dates can be found in the guest welcome pack.

Please separate waste into the appropriate recycling bins and leave in the garden bin store.

Thank you